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In Canada, our landscape is made for long drives along our vast scenic territory. People from around the globe make their way to our shores to see some of the most majestic scenery in the world. Many of those trekkers visit us in their RVs. Likewise, a large number of Canadians also own RVs.

After years of road wear, eventually there comes a need to repair and upholster trailer cushions and seat covers. At Mike's Upholstery 2.0, we offer expert RV upholstery in Calgary, AB at outstanding prices. We have decades of experience covering seats made of leather, vinyl, cloth, etc.

We use a motor trimmer to provide auto upholstery with precision. That gives us the ability to customize our interior RV upholstery to suit your particular brand of RV. That includes complete upholstering of your soft interior furnishings, roof lining, and carpets. Plus we use not only the best-quality materials but also state-of-the-art equipment to produce outstanding results.

When you own an RV, worn-out upholstery really detracts from the overall enjoyment of long road trips. You will spend typically several hours−sometimes even days and weeks−in close quarters within your RV. With our professional RV upholstery, your comfort level increases dramatically, and you enjoy the ride more.

The best reason to bring your RV to us at Mike's Upholstery 2.0 in Calgary, AB is that RV upholstery is one of our main specialties. There are plenty of upholsteries for furniture and other items, even automobiles. Yet not many have the skill, the experience, or the equipment to provide the level of expertise that we do in RV upholstering.

In addition to our great skill, our service is second to none. When you choose Mike's Upholstery 2.0, we always put our best foot forward in answering all of your questions and giving you fair prices for our work. Bring your RV to us, and we will make it look as good as new!

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