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Whether you are wanting to update old and outdated furniture fabrics or you want to preserve family heirlooms, at Mike's Upholstery 2.0 we offer expert furniture upholstery in Calgary, AB. Our customers run the gamut from avid garage sale shoppers who are looking to renovate their new found treasures to grandkids hoping to salvage centuries-old furniture.

Whatever your reason for choosing us at Mike's Upholstery 2.0 in Calgary, AB for furniture upholstery, we assure you that we have the skill and know-how to do it for you. We specialize in custom upholstery for unique items as well as classic upholstery items like sofas, seats and chairs, and armchair upholstery.

Our experience gives us an edge over all other upholsterers in Calgary, AB. Over our 45 years in the business, we have seen it all. We have seen classic furniture from the early 20th century and earlier to the latest art deco pieces. We serve many different clients in Calgary and the surrounding areas that need furniture upholstery.

Many people mistakenly believe that you only need furniture upholstery when a piece is outdated, but that is not true. Perhaps you found a piece of sturdy furniture that you love, but the material just is not right. If you want the piece but with different material or a different color, bring it to us at Mike's Upholstery 2.0, and we can do it for you.

We can customize the item for you to create just the look and design that you are going for. You can even bring us the specific material that you have in mind, and we will get to work right away. Or let us suggest a particular customization for you. Either way, you are sure to leave our store with a fabulous piece of one-of-a-kind furniture.

Still, if you are a treasure hunter who landed a classic 19th century armchair at a garage sale and want to update it for use, we do that too. No matter whether you need custom upholstery or traditional furniture upholstery, let us make it happen for you. Call us now!

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